Jeff Melvoin once highlighted the excessive shopping habits of the nation when he said, “George Washington had a vision for this country. Was it three days of uninterrupted shopping?”. This line must have cleared the meaning of the above word but still if anybody is not cleared, A shopaholic is a person considered to be addicted to shopping, it’s a slang used for Compulsive buying or shopping disorder. There is a Novel by Sophie Kinsella “The Secret Dream world of a Shopaholic”.

There are some researches done to find the behavior patterns in these people. Typical shopaholic are cheerful, superficial, trendy young woman, who are concerned with little more than the latest shoes and handbags, is a common image in our society. Studies have also found that shopping addicts often suffer from anxiety and depression. Shopping is often used as a way of lifting the spirits, even temporarily managing emotional pain. Research shows that shopaholics are more materialistic than other buyers. For people who are shopaholic, shopping can be more satisfying than relationships. The main Consequences for shopaholic by make debt which is really difficult to pay afterwards. According to some American psychiatrists who have handled shopaholic cases in celebrities, shopping has become one kind of dangerous enough obsession-compulsive disorder. Most of shopaholics suffer from depression or low self confidence. For them, shopping gives pleasure and comfort. So make sure love shopping doesn’t make it a habit because an old saying, “Old habits die hard”.


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